Why manage Health and Safety in the Workplace?

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Why manage health and safety in the workplace is a question that often pops up especially for micro businesses such as sole traders.

In some instances, health and safety is seen as an add-on to the day to day running of a business. However, this is a misconception that could lead to the collapse and closure of the business.

First of all, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Legislation is in place. The same as it is against the law to break the speed limit or steal someone else’s property, health and safety must be implemented in the workplace. Unannounced inspections (by the HSA , HSE or HSENI), can take place at any time, and if there are any issues, action can involve on the spot fines, improvement notices, prohibition notices.

Fines for not complying with the legislative requirements of managing health and safety in the workplace can range from the very low (on the spot) to hundreds of thousand of pounds or euros.

Awards for Personal Injury claims arising from accidents and incidents in the workplace can also run into several thousands of pounds or euros.

Insurance premiums usually increase after a company receives a fine or a claim has been successfully taken against the company.

The reputation of a company can also affect custom which in turn affects the income and in turn, the lifespan of a company.

It is possible to integrate safety, health and welfare into the day to day running of your company, thus increasing productivity, profits and keeps your business in business.

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