Safety Statement Review

General Consultancy Safety Wise

Did you know that every Safety Statement must be reviewed as a minimum on an annual basis?

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) advises that the document be reviewed at least once a year.

Why review your Safety Statement?

Circumstances can and do change both internally and externally to every business whether you are a micro, small, medium or multi national organisation. 2020 has been a prime example of that. Our scope of works may change, we may decide to change our list of services or products that we provide and that can change the way we work and the equipment, machinery or tools or plant that we use.

These changes can affect the level of risk that our Company poses to our Employees and/or Customers and the Public in terms of injury and so we need to account for that. Policies and Procedures may need updating. Risk assessments may need additional control measures implemented.

Changes in Employees will also require a review of the Safety Statement. For example, Employees whose first language is not English, Employees with Disabilities, Older Employees, transition year student placements, children and young persons.

If there has been an accident, a dangerous occurrence or a near miss in the Company, the Safety Statement will also need to be reviewed as a result of this.

If you need help, advice, guidance or assistance in updating your Safety Statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.