Safety Alert!

Safety Alert!

Before booking a child on a camp, activity or at an event, please ask the following questions of the Organiser:

– Insurance cover, do they have any for the event/camp/activity?
– Health and Safety Plan specific to the event, is there one?
– Training for Committee members and Volunteers, is everyone involved in organising and running the camp/event/activity aware of their responsibilities in doing so? Have they attended any training on managing safety at public events?
– Child safeguarding/Garda Vetting, is this is place and in date?

“Parent Lead” Groups are required to have Insurance and safety systems in place for running events. A very good article on Parent Groups and their health and safety responsibilities can be read here: Although this article speaks of School Parent Associations, the same requirements apply to Parent Support Groups in the community. The Organiser of any event must ensure the safety of all those who attend it, after all, the attendee is paying a fee to the Organiser for entry.

Some events can be sponsored and promoted by one or more Public Bodies and/or State funding bodies. Examples of these bodies are as follows: the HSE, County Councils, Local Sports Partnerships, Local Development Companies, Local Sports Hubs, Family Resource Centres, Local Childcare Committees, and other state funding bodies. It cannot be taken for granted that the Sponsor has fully checked that the Organiser has all of the necessary requirements in place. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, due diligence is not always carried out, even in large well known bodies.

A huge lack of safety knowledge,  awareness, responsibility and accountability still exists in Ireland, which is quite frightening.

If the Organiser replies that they do not have any Insurance etc in place, it may be worth contacting the Sponsor(s) and Promotor(s) to ask them if they are taking responsibility for all of the above.

If the answer is still no, then, consider the risks involved in going to or partaking in the event.   If a fatality or a serious injury occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the Organiser, it is important to be able to bring a claim for personal injuries in order to financially help, care for or support the injured child and/or their family.

If there is no thought being put into managing Health and Safety at the event, then, is it safe to book and send the child to the camp/activity/event?

Enjoy your Summer and stay safe 🌞