General Duties of the Employer

General Duties of the Employer is the first section of the 12 different duty sections of the Employer under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

We will now look more closely at this first duty section:

General Duties of Employers

  1. manage work activities
  2. prevent improper conduct and behaviour in the workplace
  3. design, provide and maintain a safe place of work that provides safe access and egress and uses plant and equipment that is safe to use.
  4. prevent risks to employees from use of any articles, substances, noise, vibration, radiation or any other physical agent
  5. plan, organise, maintain and revise systems of work
  6. inform, instruct, train and supervise employees
  7. provide and maintain suitable protective clothing and equipment
  8. prepare, revise emergency plans and measures to be taken when there is an emergency or a risk of serious or imminent danger
  9. report any notifiable accidents and diseas and dangerous occurances to the Health and Safety Authority
  10. obtain, where necessary, the services of a competent person for the purpose of ensuring the safety, health and welfare of their employees

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