Hurricane Ophelia and Workplace Safety

"Businesses around the country have been encouraged to make a plan and prioritise employee safety when dealing with today's ex-hurricane Ophelia.

ISME has said that employers have a duty of care to their workers under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act and their first consideration should be whether it is safe to ask staff to travel to work at all. " RTE Website

This is particularly important to businesses and Companies whose Employees drive for work e.g. telecommunications and the construction industry.

Stop and carry out a risk assessment.

Identify the hazards

Who could be harmed

What is the risk

Is the level of risk High Medium or Low?

What control measures are currently in place?

What additional control measures (if any) are required to eliminate the risk or reduce the risk so far as is reasonably practicable?

Hurricanes are a force of nature and it is not possible the eliminate this hazard today.

Please keep your own safety and the safety of your workers paramount in your mind today.

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